Savannah Series

Industrial drying is a Perry speciality, and enormous expertise has developed the company into a leader in this field. Perry are world-renowned for manufacturing continuous flow grain driers and have been successfully doing so since 1955. The range of grain driers is fully comprehensive with capacities from 5tph to 150tph and includes both single and dual column configurations. Suitable for a wide range of cereal crops including wheat, barley, oats and maize, Perry continuous flow grain driers are now in use in many countries across the world.

In response to customer enquiries for a drier to be used with commodities other than grain, the Perry belt drier was developed. Applications include woodchip, wood shavings, sawdust, straw, paper pulp, grass, digestate, shredded recycled matter, solid shredded waste, granular & shredded plastic and flaked maize, plus many more. Click here for more details.

Principle Operation

Grain is elevated to the top of the drier column and enters the drier tower through the reserve section. When in full operation the entire drying column is filled with grain; discharge of dried grain occurs in pre-set intervals through the discharge unit at the base. This results in grain gradually working its way down the drying column, firstly in contact with hot air, then cooling air for the last 25-30% of the column. The discharged grain is then both of the correct moisture content and temperature for immediate long term storage. By adjusting the frequency and duration of the discharge opening the rate of progression through the column can be controlled, along with varying the temperature of the hot air and the level of cooling results in the desired crop moisture reduction rate.

The design of the drier is such that the grain column is completely ledge free reducing dust and chaff residue. The tapered design of the air ducts promote even airflow and ensure uniform drying across the whole grain column.

The comprehensive Perry drier monitoring system linked to the touch screen control panel means the performance of the drier can be closely monitored and controlled either directly at the drier or remotely using the mobile phone app. Control can be further enhanced by specifying the dynamic moisture control system, which is an optional extra on all Perry continuous flow driers or can be retrofitted to an existing drier.

Key Points

  • Burner and fuel options – diesel, kerosene, gas steam, coal using heat exchangers or biomass heat sources as options (direct or indirect fired).
  • Highly efficient axial flow fans – Optional inverter-controlled fans for ease of control when drying light crops and for energy saving.
  • Access for cleaning – improved access to the Savannah series drier by putting two access hatches in the roof of all 4m, 5m & 6m driers. Large doors for easy access when cleaning the plenums. The grain column has a completely ledge free design to reduce dust and chaff residue. Tapered air ducts to promote even airflow and uniform drying across the whole grain column.
  • Discharge – to promote consistent movement of the grain, all Savannah Series Driers are fitted with highly efficient, fully galvanised, pneumatically controlled shutter discharge (with phosphor bronze bushes on all wearing parts). All large driers have pneumatic shutter discharge to ensure even movement of the crop across the whole bed.
  • Drying light seeds – Savannah driers have inverter control of drier fans as standard. This provides convenient control to reduce the airflow when drying light crops. When selecting a light crop to dry on the crop selection page, the drier PLC control automatically sets the appropriate speed for the drier fans. Also, by reducing the drier fan speed when drying, energy can be saved.
  • Light grain and chaff recovery – the Light Grain & Chaff Recovery System reduces the need to clean out light grains and chaff from the drier exhaust plenum. This is an additional option on all new grain driers but can be retrofitted to shutter discharge driers.
  • Dual column driers – these driers provide the high capacity of a large drier combined with the flexibility of being able to use either half for drying small batches.
  • PLC control panel – touch screen PLC control interface with a mobile phone app for monitoring and controlling your drier remotely. Receive status updates, warnings for alarms and change settings wherever you are over the internet.
  • Dynamic moisture control – automatic grain moisture control system – select the crop and moisture content, and the control panel will set all temperatures, fan speeds and discharge speed to suit.
  • CentriKleen – the cost-effective, simple solution to dust and chaff problems, which can be fitted to existing axial fans on all makes of the drier.
  • Fire detection – can help provide an early warning of a fire, helping to reduce potential damage to the drier. It is for use to detect fire within a grain drier drying column.
  • Commissioning and support – all Perry driers are commissioned by in-house experienced engineers, who provide expert technical advice and future servicing for complete satisfaction. There is also a dedicated technical support line to provide the first point of call for all technical enquiries on any Perry machine.
  • Capacities and sizes available
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