Perry are the UK’s most experienced manufacturer of materials handling, drying & storage equipment. Perry design, manufacture and test all available products, many of which are the result of over 70 years of engineering excellence. All products are manufactured from high quality components, in our purpose built manufacturing facility.


Our grain driers have been tested and proven on a variety of crops, and in different climates all over the world.

Bins and Silos

a full range of bins & silo’s, ranging for small application one-tonne tote bins to fully industrial flat bottom silo’s.


a complete range of conveying equipment that is suitable for various applications as standard


a complete range of elevating equipment that is suitable for various applications as standard.

Cleaning Equipment

a complete range of grain/seed cleaning equipment.


analyses batches being shipped or received.

Flaking & Milling

a full range of solutions for flaking & feed mills


Perry machines have an excellent reputation for quality & longevity.  Why is that? Because we make them from high-quality steel and good quality components.

We provide a full range of handling, drying and storage for agricultural and industrial purposes with capacities from 5tph up to over 170 tph.

What is the advantage for you of Perrys designing & manufacturing their full range in-house?

  • You get to speak to the people actually designing and manufacturing it.
  • We have full control of the process.
  • You can have a fully bespoke solution if required.
  • You can have spares manufactured for all our machines no matter how old they are. We have records going back in the 1960s!
  • If you have a problem you can talk to the designers and not the reseller who then has to call the designer/manufacturer and wait for their answer to be passed back up the line.

Our agricultural range of machines (up to 60 tph) come with a 10-year guarantee against trough perforation.  We are not aware of any other manufacturer offering this level of guarantee.

We care.

As Perrys is a family business run by David & Claire Perry, it’s literally their name above the door so if there’s a problem we always work hard to sort it out and we have an excellent reputation for the best support in the industry.  Most of our customers have David’s and/or Claire’s personal mobile numbers and together they push hard to ensure every customer is happy with their outcome.

Large, faceless corporations, with ever changing staff have their place in the market.  If you want to know your order matters, your concerns (if you have any) will be heard and action taken then you need Perry machines.



Managing Director, David Perry, said “It is imperative that our British farmers are able to continue to support this country through these uncertain times, as a company we aim to support them every way we can with the help of our trusted dealer network. From new...

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Concept Grain Systems and Perry guided us through the processes of updating our machinery; the level of expertise within the company has helped us no end. The Perry machines they recommended we installed have worked really well, and as a result, we had a very successful first year.

Tom Catton

Catton Farms