Pillar Mounted Grain Sampler

Perry offer two types of Pillar mounted grain sampler: HERON & HERON GYROSCOPIC. The HERON Standard or Gyroscopic style samplers also present a multitude of options designed to provide an ever improving response to specific requirements. They have a swinging up/down drive gearmotor controlled through a variable frequency drive (VFD) for torque boost and integrated dumper bottom detection. There is vacuum intake with grain-to-air ratio adjustment and VFD controlled swivel drive gearmotor.

The HERON Standard has an operating radius of 2900mm. The HERON Gyroscopic style offers operating ranges with 3300mm, 4100mm, or 5000mm radius.

The in-line sampler arms have the tubes and hoses in line with the arm to prevent interference with structural parts of the vehicle. Both Standard and Gyroscopic samplers are available with an on wall mounting bracket.

The HERON Premium range offers an alternative limp home mode, meaning the sampler can operate the up/down and swivel drives even if the VFD fails. Fixing or replacing the inverter is no longer a problem and there is no down time.

Key Points

  • 3kW (380V) vacuum turbine at the foot of the sampler for conveying distances up to 60m; or at the sample receiver end for greater distances, with flow inverter. Standard mounted at the foot of the pillar. Easy access; robust construction.
  • Electric enclosure on the sampler pillar.
  • Cycloburo-type sample receiver station with 10 litre sample retainer and with an air pulse cleaned filter sleeve for integral recovery of all particles.
  • Compact wired push-button control box as standard equipment, large control panel optional.
  • Sample intake through monotube probe (direct vacuum intake) or twin walled probe (core-sampling style).

There are two types of receiver station:

  • Cycloburo – this is the standard receiver station for all samplers. Minimum space requirement, maximum ease of use. Includes an impulse cleaned filter sleeve for integral recovery of all particles.
  • Cyclone with Blending Auger – Allows perfect homogenisation of the sample.


Pillar (diameter) 406mm

Up/down drive motor 1.1kW

Base Plate    800x800mm 


Pillar (diameter) 324mm

Up/down drive motor 0.75kW

Base Plate 600x600mm











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