Product Graders and Separators

Modular Graders

Graders are used for separating the product into different grades.

Our modular graders are very compact machines ensuring an accurate sizing into 4 different fractions in just one operation. The machines are suitable for many types of crops especially sunflower seeds, soya beans
and corn.

CAPACITIES: from 3.5-38 t/h based on corn (2 grades)

Indented Cylinders

Our modular indented cylinders, type TR, offer the option of building several units together to meet specific grading requirements.

We also offer an indented cylinder, type H-500, as a stand-alone machine.

These machines handle the separation of short product, long product, or both short and long products according to the cylinder combination.

The trough position can be manually or electrically adjusted from the outside, by using a reader-friendly scale. This way it becomes easy to achieve the required separation of a wide range of products.

CAPACITIES: from 1-25 t/h based on wheat (short separation)

Gravity Separators

Gravity separation is used for fine grading and removal of impurities with identical particle size but with differences in density. Our gravity separators have a highly efficient air intake with a built-in fan ensuring a uniform air distribution across the entire deck.

Weight separation is often performed in addition to air screen cleaning and length separation to achieve the desired product purity.

CAPACITIES: from 1.5-18 t/h based on wheat

Flat Screen Sizers

Flat screen sizers are used for calibration of different crops. We offer very flexible units for pre-cleaning, fine cleaning and sizing, which are easily tailored to any product by choosing suitable screens for the product in question.

CAPACITIES: from 0.7-1.5 t/h based on wheat

Spiral Separators

A spiral separator is designed to separate round seeds from flat seeds by means of gravity. We offer various spiral inclinations depending on the type of product to achieve the highest purity of prime product.

This machine can be built with 2 spirals (HT-2) as shown on picture or with up to 8 spirals in one machine.

CAPACITIES: from 0.1-1.6 t/h (HT-2) based on soya beans

Straw Separators

Our straw separator is an efficient pre-cleaner suitable for intake plants with high moisture-content crops containing a particularly high amount of straw and coarse impurities.

The large diameter rotating straw drums and manually adjustable product flow plates gives an optimal removal of straw and other large particles. Two mesh sizes are available to meet the requirements of any crop.

CAPACITIES: from 100-250 t/h based on wheat

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