Economy Bio-Intake

The Perry Economy BioIntake combines a reception hopper with a vertical auger to seamlessly move the biomass fuel from the point of delivery by a standard tipper truck into the Biomass storage area, at the push of a button.  The hopper comes fitted with an easy to operate winched lid, which when open acts as a splash back to minimise the spill of the fuel during the tipper truck delivery.  Any blockages during the delivery can be easily remedied as the construction of the Economy BioIntake is tubular allowing for the removal of side panels.  It has been designed to require two hand operation of the safety switch to ensure the operator is in the view of the tipping pit at all times. The Economy BioIntake has been designed to operate at less than 60db, making it one of the quietest Biomass delivery systems available on the market.

This intake has been designed to be trickle fed & offers a lower cost alternative to our full BioIntake system. The BioIntake is ideally suited to larger commercial properties using approximately 250m³ of woodchip a year. It is has one singular auger that can be include up to 45 degrees, unlike the BioIntake which can be supplied with multiple augers to allow for filling bunkers to a level fill and can be inclined up to 90 degrees.

Key Points

  • 3m long intake hopper
  • 3m long discharge auger with option to extend to 6m overall length
  • Auger can be inclined up to 45° (comes fully assembled and has been test run)
  • Capacity of 60 cubic meters per hour in G50 W30 forestry chip
  • All galvanised construction (2mm)
  • 5.5kW & 3kW drive motors
  • Fully pre-wired option available with operation station.
  • Supplied with auto cut off safety control switch to satisfy EU Machinery Directive.​
  • Optional splashback & side extensions (includes mounting bracket for control panel)
  • Hoppers are supplied flat packed as standard, but can be assembled
  • Rubber strip fitted at the front
  • As standard the control box with the push buttons, E stop & auger start buttons are included as is the cabinet that they sit on. This is not fixed to anything and has to mount it within 1M if the tipping hopper for safety purposes. There are NO bin level indicators or blockage switches.
  • Pre-wired option is available


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The AC150 has worked out to have many uses to us. It was initially put in to improve low bushel weight milling wheat, but since installation we have found that it will clean beans to near seed quality, it will improve bushel weight on all cereals and will also clean out bugs without the need for sprays and as an added bonus there’s no screens to change so no changeover time need between crops. We are very happy with the system and would recommend it.

John Collins

Canington Grain