To know the value and quality of grain (ISO Standards / NF V036-777) a grain sampler is needed, which analyses batches being shipped or received.

Sampling standards comply with the specifications of European and international sales contracts. To assess the conformity of a batch it is essential for the analysis to be carried out on a sample which is representative of the overall batch being examined. This explains the importance of the number of sample pick-ups (sub-samples) and the area covered by the sampling probe. (cf. ISO standard EN NF 24333 (2010-02)).

TPLG's grain samplers are there to help accomplish this task and improve your results. Any analysis or interpretation of its results are vain if the sample itself is not representative of the batch from which it originates.
Perry’s  are exclusive dealers for Tout Pour Le Grain (TPLG) and their range of grain sampling equipment in the United Kingdom and Ireland and can supply worldwide as required. TPLG are a family owned and run French business, they are product and support focused and have been established since 1977.

Sampling Operation

  • Sample intake: - Choose from several sample designs to meet your specific needs.
  • Homogenization: - Several types of receiver stations to accommodate your needs (cyclone with blending auger etc.).
  • Size reduction: - Different tools are available to suit different needs (sample dividers etc.).
  • 2 modes of sample constitution: - direct vacuum intake through mono-tube probes or core sampling through twin walled probe with vacuum grain transport.

The accuracy of the sampling operation increases with the number of sub-samples taken throughout the grain load. (cf. ISO standard on static sampling (NF EN ISO standard 24333 (2010-0)).
ISO standards on static samples.

  • Up to 15 Tonnes: 5x sub-samples.
  • 15 to 30 Tonnes: 8x sub-samples.
  • 30 to 50 Tonnes: 11x sub-samples (minimum).

General Information

Taking grain samples should only be carried out by trained personnel to make optimal use of the TPLG sampling machines (automations, positioning of the probes etc.) and someone who is aware of the importance of the process (number of sub-samples, determining the sampling pattern). All samplers have a standard and premium range, and are available as wall or roof mounted.

TPLG & Perry ‘s can provide the latest in sampling technology with a range comprising various kinds of receiver stations, including cyclones with blending augers and sample dividers also available.

Variable Frequency Drives

All grain samplers are controlled through frequency inverters (VFDs) that allow some additional options and include the ability to control the speed and force of penetration as well as the speed of rotation.