Tom & Pam PerryPerry of Oakley was founded in 1947 by Tom Perry, a farmer’s son, who offered a mobile repair and manufacturing service to local farmers and businesses in the Oakley, Basingstoke area of Hampshire.

Working from home he converted an Austin 12 car into a mobile workshop, the back seat was replaced by a bench & welder.  He traveled all over the country & sleeping in a tent if away from home – repairing farm machinery, re-tubing traction engine boilers, welding combines & binders in the field.

In 1949 Tom Perry designed and built our very first belt and bucket elevator with a capacity of 5 tph. 1949 also saw the introduction of our first grain cleaners. These early cleaners were equipped with mechanical sieves and aspiration to lift off dust and light rubbish.

During the early 1950’s many new farm mechanization aids were designed by Tom Perry and manufactured in Oakley. These included tractor-mounted buck rakes, trailers, dust reduction systems for combine harvesters and jog trough grain conveyors driven by petrol engines or electric motors. These conveyors had capacities of up to 5 tph, as capacity requirements increased the first chain and flight conveyors were developed. These conveyors were the forerunners of the conveyors that Perry’s currently design and manufacture with capacities up to 1000 tph.

In 1952 the first factory was built in Oakley it measured 60 foot x 40 foot.

In 1955 our first continuous flow grain drier was manufactured also with a capacity of 5 tph.

The business steadily developed based on its reputation of delivering reliable, well-engineered conveyors and bucket elevators during the early 1950’s. Export sales of Perry’s own design grain driers developed as well as adding dust extraction equipment and weighing hoppers to the range. The conveyor range was expanded to include curved and inclined conveyors and flow and return types.

In 1974 a brand new purpose-built manufacturing facility was built in Oakley Basingstoke.

During the next 16 years the business continued to grow 

Nigel & Pat PerryIn 1990 the business had expanded sufficiently- under the direction of Tom’s son Nigel Perry - to require larger premises and a relocation move to Honiton in Devon was made.

The following year Nigel's son, David, joined the business - having achieved a First Class Honors degree in engineering.

Since 1991, investment in staff, buildings, and automated systems has enabled Perry’s to apply its original, high-quality manufacturing standards to an ever-increasing demand for its products.

Everything we sell is designed and manufactured in house in our Devon factory. We manufacture products to offer the customer a complete range of mechanical handling solutions. Products handled include:

Animal feed products
Rubber waste
Food waste
Reclaimed Plastic.